Mimi et Toi

Fascinated by photography, fashion and jewelry, Mimi founded MIMI et TOI in 2009.

Mimi loves traveling and discovering hidden gems. She gets inspired by all the interesting people and design aesthetics of different cultures during her travels. Especially fashion capital Paris is a big influence, but also the impressions and emotions of Mimi’s everyday life and the people she loves are extensive inspirations for her collection.

Her love and talent is reflected in the craftsmanship of each piece, which is handmade. MIMI ET TOI includes bracelets, necklaces and rings with simple everyday adornments, as well as limited editions and even one of a kind items. Special attention is given to detail, embracing the unique characteristics of the materials used like brass, silver- or gold plated often combined with gems, beads and stones. 

Showroom Mindner

Hirschgartenallee 27
80639 München
Phone +49 / 89 / 35 06 20 51

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