L I Y A  b’x is an Antwerp-based luxury lifestyle collection brand, fashion, jewelry and (home) accessory, founded in 2021.

The name L I Y A reflects the designers’ “woman” collaborative partnership, as well as their philosophy behind building a cohesive, complimentary wardrobe, with an eye for nature, ecological footprints and zero waist, made to last a lifetime.

The brand’s Essentials – a seasonless collection available year-round – reflects a foundational approach to dressing, jewelry and accessory while keep in mind the ever-evolving definition of “classic”.

L I Y A b’x is a Conscious Luxury lifestyle collection that strives to always create timeless, everlasting designs, while making dedicated efforts to incorporate sustainable materials without ever compromising luxury.

The cashmere yarn production is in Italy and are from Loro Piana. Cashmere, famous for its silken-smooth soft touch, belongs to a premium fiber and a renewable, natural resource. The cashmere fibers are expertly spun from carefully selected raw material. Also, the alpaca comes from Italian spinneries. Most of the hand knitting is done in Belgium.